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Zenith Wave Magnet Radio

The Zenith t600 is a high-quality wave-magnet Radio that is first-class for people who desire to enjoy trough the waves, this Radio extends been designed with the professional user in mind, with all the features you need to get the most out of your acoustic adventures. The Zenith t600 presents a brand new, high-quality trans-pacific wave-magnet tube Radio design that gives you the best sound quality out there, plus, it is part or repair only, so you can easily purchase it if you ever lose or lose control of your current radio.

Vintage Wave Magnet Antenna for Zenith Model 6G601M
Zenith Wave Magnet Antenna Box  -Antique Radio Repair Kit


By Zenith


Zenith Wave Magnet AM Radio 1940's -50's?
1941 Zenith Console Tube Radio 8S563X 8A02 Wave Magnet AM Shortwave Police Bands
Zenith wave magnet radio model 5g500

Cheap Zenith Wave Magnet Radio

This vintage Zenith Wave com is a valuable surrogate to keep your Radio on special display, the com is fabricated out of metal and plastic and is only about inches wide. It is currently out of production but there are still some available, this amazing Zenith Wave com antenna box is best-in-the-class for antennas near Radio towers or Radio centers. It's fantastic for use with or power supplies, this box can be attached to your Radio with just a little soldering from the included connector. The Zenith Wave com is fabricated of durable metal and is designed to perform for years of use, this Zenith Wave it can also be a daily asset for your home as a tool to attract good weather and comfortable listening temperatures. Com is a terrific surrogate for repair or replacement of a lost or damaged radio, the Wave com is approximately 40"lx40"w and is manufactured of durable plastic with a black anodized finish. It is likewise including a matching Wave com antenna, this Wave com is unrivalled for someone wanting for a replacement or repair request for a lost or damaged radio.