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Wooden Radio

Looking for a stylish and functional amfm radio? check out our wooden one! This one is perfect for anyone from beginner entrepreneurs to busy people on a budget. It has a clear voice remote with green light to make it easy to hear through tight spaces. The retro style also features a built-in bluetooth speaker so you can easily share music with friends and family. Plus, its stylish wooden design will easily match any home décor.



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Top 10 Wooden Radio

The philco 38-62 wooden radio is a great example of a radio that has been restored works. This radio is a great example of the time when radio production was based on the use of wooden radios. The radio has a colorful built and is swampy blue with white lettering. The radio is air-conditioned and has a goldtone serial number. The radio is about 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. our miniature wooden jukebox is a great way to playing music with friends or family during the day. It is perfect for the individual who wants to reduce environmental waste, or for those who appreciate classic rock music. this vintage wooden amshort wave radio is from the 1940s. It is a great addition to any home decor. The radio is in very good condition and features an old-fashioned light show. this wooden radio is a great addition to your khz radio collection. It is in great condition and features a 9x6 screen. This radio is easy to work and is great for playing music. This radio is a great value at $$$.