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Vintage Solid State Radio

This is a vintage solid state clock radio that alarm model has been tested. This clock is in excellent condition with all the components brand new. It is worked and in perfect working order. This clock is a great valued for those looking for a vintage looking or working clock.

1971 Vintage Solid State Radio (B)

1971 Vintage Solid State Radio (B)

By Katone, Solid State


Solid State Radio

Solid state radio: a new frontier solid state radio is a new frontier. It’s not just a new frontier, it’s the new future. Because it’s based on the internet, it has the potential to change the way we communicate and the way we all connect. It has the potential to change the way we all live. because it relies on energy, it has the potential to create a burning hotter than any other energy. It has the potential to heat up everything to regulations, and to hotwire theinternet. in short, solid state radio is the future of communication. And the way we all connect. And to hotwire the internet.

General Electric Solid State Radio

The vintage admiral am solid state portable radio is a great unit for those who love the old-school radio experience. This unit has a very simple interface, making it easy to use and control. Additionally, the unit features a great sound quality, making it a great choice for those who love listening to audioynly. this vintage solid state clock radio is a fantastic addition to any room! It works perfectly and has a great sound without ever making is too warm, making it perfect for use in any living space. the vintage solid state radio is a classic example of the type that is found in many different styles of clothing. This radio is created in the usa, and while it is only currently available as a am radio, it’s still a beautiful, unique piece that would make a great addition to any music lover’s arsenal. The radio has a sleek, modern design and is all alone in it’s own little world, perfect for the vintage radio lover who wants to add this type of music to their collection. this is a vintage solid state radio that is in great condition. It features a roll of black phantom ii paper screen material. The radio has a at&t1 inch display and is working with no problems. The radio is also decked out with arose serial number of 07541d4 this means that the radio was built in the early 1900s. The radio has a soft case for it's' health and it is open so you can see all the details. This is a great value for the price you pay.