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Vintage Radio Flyer Rocking Horse

If you're in the market for a new Radio station to listen to, you'll want to examine Vintage Radio Flyer Rocking horse, this classic design and color is unequaled for the small business or those on a budget.

Radio Flyer Wooden Horse With Wheels

This Vintage wooden Horse is enticing for a yearbook or Flyer special! Remake it with your own design and make it a part of your community or sale, this is a new Vintage Radio Flyer that is discovering new love! The Horse is extremely rare and is only available for purchase at an extremely high price. This Flyer is styled like a wooden rock Horse and features an 3-year-old Horse on the cover, this Vintage Radio Flyer is a first rate condition ride for a bounce and ride out in the open. It is about 6 x6 inches and gives a first rate green Horse on the front, the back is a little more faded but still very beautiful. The pages are in very good condition with no flaws, this is a first-rate addition to Radio Flyer collection! This is a top-of-the-heap condition Vintage Radio Flyer that is very popular for a bounce and ride riding horse. The Flyer is on a white background and provides a brown pony on it, it is very small and would make a practical addition to a Radio flyer.