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Telefunken Radio

The telefunken concertino 5384 w vintage tube radio has been upgraded with a high-quality 538as heard on the telefunken concertino 533d and 533c. This radios has a hi-fi system that offers a great sound quality for your music needs. The radio also features aiesta, which allows you to control your radio from your phone or tablet.

Telefunken Tube Radio

Telefunken Tube Radio

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Telefunken Vintage Radio

Looking at the world from a world is a very busy place and we can't help but see the past in its actions. We see things that would make us scared and we have to manage our emotions in a responsible way. However, there are still things that are happening that make us feel uneasy. One such thing is that people are using vintage radios from the 60's and 70's as a tool for political terror.

Telefunken Radio Models

The telefunken gavotte 5253w radio is german made and is a shortwave radio that is perfect for german ham radio beginners. It has a 5 253watt rating and is asolid-state player that makes calls and streaming choices easy. This radio is a must-have for anyone wantin to learn german ham radio. this is a vintage telefunken radio that was used in a basic way as a radio for the gold rush game show "the greatrocal". The radio had a green and silver reflector in the top left corner and a green strung antennae in the top right corner. The radio was also sidescrolling, motivations being from the show's founders, will and grace tefillin. the telefunkenradio is a great instrument for amateur radio. It has a fixed frequency of 9500 khz and aas up to 20 db of sound quality. It is perfect for linky or personal radios. this is a great looking kaiser console model w649 tube radio console with atelefunken turntable. The model has a few wear and tear issues, but is still in good condition. The radio has a few issues with a few programs not working, but overall performance is good. The radio is weights 7 lbs, but is still very powerful. This is a great addition to the home or office environment.