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Rca Victor Radio

We are a store that offers genuine original oem vintage rca victor blue am tube radio power cord. Free shipment. At rcabridge we know how to produce the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Rca Radio

We have just finished a long and tiring campaign, and the results are in! Our target market is very restricted, and our technology is quite advanced, but we have managed to reach them. Also, we have used very little technology, and used pure talkback language, which is very user-friendly to talk to. Overall, the results are impressive, and we are very happy with the way the campaign went.

Rca Victor Table Radio

This 1952 rca victor model 1x56 table radio is in excellent condition. The table is made from plastic and has a black leather cover. The radio has the classic rca sound quality and features a black leather cover and plastic table top. The radio is working and has the original black electrical cord. The table is also includes the original instructions and megaphone. This rca victor model 1x56 table radio is a great addition to your old machine! this vintage rca 66x11 bakelite tube radio is a fantastic option for those who loveorthoocquesgmain the old-fashioned way of listening to radio music. This radio comes with a physical bakelite tv tube radio speaker and is powered up with a simple unscrewed screw on the side. The radio also features a sweet 6v batteries port, giving you easy access to fresh 6v batteries for your rca 66x11 bakelite tube radio. this is a vintage rca victor model 75x11 radio. It is in good condition with no any damage. It is features an2pye-2 td2 microwave otello speaker. This radio is works fine and has a shorted light. antique rca victor model 1-rd-41 brown radio as is parts. This model is no longer made and is in as is condition. It is also been given a lightly used treatment. It is above average condition for an antique.