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Radio Vacuum Tubes

Looking for a great deal on audio products? check out ourradio vacuum tubes! These are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a wide-bore vacuum tubeaternity. With many options to choose from, we have the perfect vacuum tubes for you. Whether you're looking for the perfect sound quality or affordable prices, we have you covered. So come on over and checkout our radio vacuum tubes today!

Vacuum Tube Radios

Looking for a great way to enjoy your music and stay connected to the always happening world of radio? Check out our top five vacuum tube radios!

Vacuum Tube Radio

This is a vintage vacuum tube radio that we are selling for our customer's use. This radio is from the '77 season and has the nos (new old underground) look and feel to it. The radio is in excellent condition with no bakelite and enameled metal details. The radio is considered used and is open to sales. this is a great opportunity to get a lot of radiohamtv's best new mix of assorted mixed vacuum tubes! There is a little bit of everything here, so to say that this lot is combinationed is an understatement. This is a great lot for anyone looking for a new challenge or for those just looking for a free shipping option. this radio vacuum tube set includes 25l6g and 25l6h types of vacuum tubes. The25l6g types are shaped like a 25l6gt and the 25l6h is shaped like a 25l6g. The set also includes 25l6hs in both a 25l6g and 25l6h shapes. These tubes are designed to operate $25a0s0s0s$ of the most popular radio sets in the world. this is a combo of nos (new old school) matching emerson rca type 37 radio vacuum tubes. They are a little older than the nos versions of the tubes included, but are still good quality and playable. The packaging is typical of under $10 price range televisions/fm receivers like this one. The tubes are in good working order and come with manual.