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Radio Shack 1000 Channel Scanner

The radio shack 1000 channel scanner is the perfect tool for applying and conducting research throughout the all of your music, video and book content! With a broad band scan range of 1000mhz to 800ghz, it's the perfect tool for any music, video or book inspection needs!

Radio Shack 1000 Channel Scanner Walmart

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Radio Shack 1000 Channel Scanner Amazon

This radio shack 1000 channel scanner is for use in hobby and small-scale radio showing and radioing. It is perfect for scanning radio showing and radioing areas of the net. The radio shack 1000 channel scanner can scan for radio showing and radioing information in sizes 10freq, 20freq, 30freq, 40freq, 50freq, 60freq, 70freq, 80freq, 90freq, 100freq, 120freq, 130freq, 150freq, 160freq, 170freq, 180freq, 2000 channel scan. this radio shack1000 channel scanner has a 2035 programmable radio and a 10-foot cable. It is tested to 30 listening levels and can read up to 10, 000 books and newspapers. It is also scannerd to 0. 5" on the left side. thisradio shack pro 2052 dual trunking 1000 channel police scanner receiver is a great tool for finding police scanners in a store. It has a 2052 dual trunking and 1000 channels. The radio shack pro 2052 dual trunking1000 channel police scanner receiver is perfect for finding scanners in a store. the radio shack 1000 channelscanner is a great scanner for parts stores. It can scan through your records, cds, records, movies, and more. It is perfect for trunking parts into parts stores.