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Ge Transistor Radio

If you're looking for a vintage ge radio monitor, this one's worth looking at! It's in good condition with 10 air-tight speakers, and it can handle up to 10 hours of listen time on a single battery. Plus, it has a great feature that is every ge transistor radio monitor should: automatic turning off and on of speakers when not in use.

Vintage ge transistor radio

General Electric Transistor Radio

General electric transistor radio. there's a lot to love about a general electric transistor radio. First, it's simple but efficient technology that allows you to listen to music and video without ever having to leave your living room. Second, it's simple user interface that makes it easy to get started. And finally, the sound is amazing and perfect for any room. so, if you're looking for a great radio to improve your music experience, or to work with video content, then check out the general electric transistor radio. You won't be disappointed.

General Electric All Transistor Radio

The general electric 17 transistor radio is an incredible piece of technology that was used by general electric in their early years. This radio was built around a 17 transistorized computer and had a great deal of features. It could handle data and music beautifully. You can find these parts here! this is a general electric transistor radio model no cord model. It is a great choice for a general purpose radio use. The p1830a has a 9-line alphabet code system and is capable of playing music in any rhythm. It is also capable of reporting current weather conditions. This model is a great choice for a home-theater or sleeper train reference radio. the ge 10 chrome transistor radio is working perfect. No cracked pieces of plastic and every thing is working as it should. The transistors have not had any problems with problems like that. We highly recommend this product to all our customers. the ge general electric amfm portable radio is a great choice for a family that loves music. This radio has a loveable attitude and is always the first thing to hear on the air. It has akba processor, 10 reuseable memory cards, and a 3- syrians-certified antenna for clear, loud, and clear sound. The radio also includes an built-in antenna and an external antenna for trying out new sounds and flavors. Theradio is also available for pre-order now.