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Car Radio Antenna To Coax Adapter

This car radio aerial antenna is perfect for coax adapter leads andsocket leads. It is 20 cm in size and has a standard din 41585 socket on the back. The antenna is also coordonated with a coordinate map.

Top 10 Car Radio Antenna To Coax Adapter

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Best Car Radio Antenna To Coax Adapter

This car radio antenna is a good choice for those who want to add a new car stereo or phone speaker to their car. The antenna is designed to work with coax plug from motorola car radio style socket. So you can enjoy clear signal even when travelling in long cars. The car radio antenna is also great for using with other audio devices such as phone and digital radio. this car radio antenna to coax adapter is for 20feet female drivers and is attached to thesmb male adapter xm sirius coax satellite radio extension cable. This car radio antenna is good for using the radio in any position, whether it's in the center or out. The adapter has a 20ft lightning cable and is perfect for driving without having to twist and turn the car. this car radio antenna is for the coax adapter on your vehicle. It has a 20 cm length and is lead din 41585 socket. It is designed to increase the range of your car radio by using air or air compliant telephone antennas. this car radio aerial has a coax interface and is compatible with the car's aerial. It is also air-able without an aerial by insert the car radio aerial into an appropriate jack. The adapter will allow the radio to communicate with the car's aerial.