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Baofeng Radio

This us 2x baofeng uv-5r dual-band vuhf fm transceiver is a great choice for a personal oder if you're looking for a high-quality radio that can serve both as a vuhf and cds radio. It offers excellent performance with great mhz range, while also withing the oopsa-sized size, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Baofeng Radios

My top 5 radio shows that I love 1) baofeng-merger awards 2) radio secrets 3) the supreme radio council 4) china's future 5) the radio industry.

Baofeng Handheld Radio

The baofeng uv-5r is a new legal version of the baofeng uv-9 that features a two way radio with a power of 10 watts and a vhf/uhf frequency range of 20-50 mhz. It is perfect for when you need to connect with others in a social setting. The radio can connect to your phone's screen and has a text display. the baofeng uv-5r is a two-way radio that is perfect for outdoor users who want to avoid paying the expensive prices for a regular two-way radio. The radio has a vhf coverage and uhf band coverage. It is also available in dual-band form-idine mode so you can have two working members of your team without having to hire another radio. The uv-5r also has a 5 watt power output and is good for low-power use in multi-unit families. the baofeng uv-5r is a 2-way radio that is designed for outdoor activities such as government meetings and conferences. It is a high-quality radio that has great features that make it perfect for this purpose. The radio has a vhf uhf long range and a vll uhf short range. It also has a two-way call button, so you can talk to other users of the radio while it is on duty. the baofeng uv-9g is a durable and reliable radio that is perfect for reception in salt water and waterproof applications. With a 5-watt sun visor responding quickly to environmental changes, the uv-9g is perfect for providing weather information to your friends and family. Additionally, the gmrs technology ensures signal quality remains stable even when the radio is in high pressure water, snow, or rain. The radio is ip67 water proof and can be used with any noaa vuhf scanner.