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Antique Radio Dial Covers

This is a great opportunity to purchase an antique radio dial cover for your silvertone 1831 radio. The cover will protect the radio from becoming conditionally acceptable again. This is a great addition to your piece of jewelry or as a visual reminder of your history.

Old Radio Dials

There's something about a straight old radio dial that just makes things feel a little more fun. Like we're just enjoying the ride without ever having to worry about the consequences. that's why I think it's important to keep your old radio diales around by using them as a tool for learning new songs and sounds. Sometimes all we need is a few minutes of silence before the music starts playing again. so if you're in the market for a new song to listen to, or just want to learn some new sounds, check out my old radio dials.

Antique Radio Dial Covers Ebay

Is made of heavy weight paper and has a sky blue color. It is perfect to spruce up your radio party! The cover is also machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. this vintage majestic radio dialcover is grunow company 0131824. It is made of heavy weight paper and has a modern look to it. It is perfect for adding a touch of vintage look to your room's decor. this old control dial cover is made of conical glass and has a 5 vibrant colors design on the front. It is also hidden from view by the onion skin decoration. this is a great cover for your vintage antiques radio clock dial face. It is 6 inches wide x 58 inches long x 2 inches thick. It is made from conical-shaped, off-white conical field glass. The cover is made of thick, high-quality, thick, clear plastic. It is also well-made with a deep v-shaped tear-ceiling.